Dear all,

Our family lived in America for a time, and when travelling around we used to see amusing phrases on billboards outside churches.

One of my favourites was:

When life makes you crazy, don’t worry, even Moses was a basket case.”

Because Thought brings ever changing experience, we can go effortlessly from one emotion to another – from happiness to sadness, love to anger, intensity to indifference.

Sometimes we seem to fluctuate from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other on a moment to moment basis.

It can indeed feel as though we are a basket case.

But because of the way our experience is truly created, this is perfectly normal.

One time, Syd Banks was talking about this and said,

“Everyone is schizophrenic…it’s just some get a little bit more than others and get labelled schizophrenic.”

This is not to deny mental suffering, but to point out that anyone is capable of any kind of thinking.

You are not so different from the most enlightened people as you may think.

Enlightened folk are subject to the same volatility of thought that we all are. They are just more comfortable with it, and spend less time dwelling on it. They understand where this volatility comes from, and that it has no inherent meaning.

They know that maintaining mental equilibrium is nothing more than an understanding of how experience is created.

They know that we really are all the same. It is only ephemeral nature of thinking that convinces us otherwise.