Dear all,

Anytime you lose sight of how the human experience works, go easy on yourself.

Anytime you feel low, angry, or upset, give yourself a break.

As my friend Garret Kramer says, the human experience is a rollercoaster.

Even when we know how it works, we still lose sight of it from time to time.

Sometimes your head is clear, and sometimes your thoughts swirl like a ferret in a washing machine.

Sometimes you’re up, and sometimes you’re down.

Sometimes we feel happy, sometimes we feel sad.

Sometimes it will look for all the world that some person, circumstance, or event – past, present or future – has dominion over how we feel.

Sometimes we will be absolutely convinced we are right and others are wrong, mistaking our opinion for fact.

Sometimes we will forget that others see it differently, for they too are walking around in their own Thought generated reality.

We can be absolutely convinced we are feeling something other than Thought.

So what?

It happens to us all, and will do every day of our lives, because we are human.

All it takes is to be reminded of where experience really comes from, our mind will clear and we will be better equipped to deal with the ups and downs, which are, after all, part of the rollercoaster of life.